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Welcome to The TinkerToys Network. We're glad you stopped by and hope that when you move on to some other site, you will take with you the feeling that your time was not wasted during this visit.

The TinkerToys Network is a revival of a popular Bulletin Board System (BBS) that was based in Pensacola, Florida, USA back in 1982. The original "TinkerToys BBS" started with a screaming 150 baud modem and was occupied 24/7 by callers as far away as Australia and Italy. These intrepid callers would connect via long-distance telephone call and download megabytes of software at 150 baud (and over time up to 9600 baud as the system saw upgrades). TinkerToys BBS and the multitudes of other BBS's like it around the world would relay "Fido mail packets" around to each other much like Internet newsgroups (but long before there was a public Internet). With the advent of the Internet, BBS's became somewhat obsolete and faded from the landscape. It's quite like the old drive-in theatres, wouldn't you say?

Some things change while others stay the same. The desire for unique and useful software has seen nothing but growth. TinkerToys BBS sported one of the rare 30 megabyte RLL hard drives that was the envy of systems as far as 1000 miles away. Today, we have storage systems in the terabytes. There is so much software out there that netizens simply can't hope to regularly trip across something of interest without some guidance. We're all experiencing information overload.

The TinkerToys Network is committed to exposing cool little programs that you will find interesting and useful. If we hear that our visitors are bookmarking our site, then we have done our job. To that end, it is our desire to provide software that makes people say, "Hey, it's about TIME someone wrote a program that would do that!"

Enjoy the site and have a great day.

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